Game Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon

Having run out of colours, precious metals and gemstones to name their games after, Game Freak’s Pokémon Sun and Moon has finally hit the shelves. Imogen Jade Beckhelling takes a look at the latest game in the series… Playing a...

Game Review- Fifa 17

Nerve’s Ollie Sirrell takes a critical look at the football game that got fans all over the globe excited… Benjamin Franklin famously said back in 1789 that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and...

Game Review – Just Cause 3

Game Review – Just Cause 3

Theo dives headfirst through a series of loud and pretty explosions to review Just Cause 3. Why? Just ‘Cause.  The sandbox genre is hugely popular at the moment. These games offer vast open spaces for the players to explore and interact with at...