SKC Silent Disco ’17


The guys down at Students kick Cancer did it again, with another amazing event. This time, they had their Silent Disco down at  The Old Fire station on the 16th February. With everyone donning their led headphones and picking the channel that suited their mood best, it was definitely a night to remember. All of the photos from the night can be found on the Silent Disco ’17 Facebook Album.

We were given all access to the event and were able to get up close and personal with the DJs hosting the event, it takes some real skill to get a room pumping when the only way to head the music is through a pair of headphones. The multitude of voices all singing along to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believeing”, mainly out of tune, is something that won’t be leaving my mind any time soon… no matter how hard I try…

All joking aside, all of us at Nerve TV had an absolutely amazing night and want to say well done to everyone from Students Kick Cancer. So far they’ve raised over £3000 to help the fight against cancer and they’re ready to keep pushing. If you’d like to donate, then click here and help make a difference.