The impact of Trump’s presidency on global sport


It has been over a week since the world got sent into a frenzy by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Although it is unclear what exactly the impact of his presidency will have on the world, it is certain that it will affect nearly every aspect of it. We examined what the consequences will be for the world of sport.

With Los Angeles’ proposal to host the 2024 Olympics, the plan to accommodate the FIFA World Cup in 2026 and the globalization of the US’ three biggest sport leagues: the NFL (American football), NBA (basketball) and MLB (baseball), the United States had big plans to get involved in global sport.

In September 2017 the members of the International Olympic Committee will be choosing between Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest as the host city for 2024. “I don’t want us to be a country that is focused inwards, I think we have to look outward to the world.” Los Angeles’ mayor, Eric Garcetti, said in August about the bid. But with Trump being president Los Angeles’ odds might have been reduced since Trump’s racist remarks about Mexico and Muslims are not particularly in line with the IOC’s values on diversity and tolerance.

However, there is a possibility that Trump (who carried the Olympic torch in 2004 through New York) can benefit LA’s bid with his presence at the IOC’s voting in Lima. One IOC member, Canadian Dick Pound, says that the president-elect has the ability to charm the IOC, like he played on his audience in the election.

Furthermore, plans for the US, Canada and Mexico’s collaborative bid to host the FIFA World Cup of 2026 might be off the table. Due to Donald Trump repeatedly threatening to send illegal Mexicans back to their country and have a wall built and funded by Mexico, a collaboration between only the US and Canada sounds more rational.

America’s biggest sports are thriving to become more international. The NFL, NBA and MLB have already played matches in other countries, for example, in London, Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. But Trump’s plan to cut international ties that don’t profit America might interfere with this prospect. He anticipates to raise the price of imported products.

A few reactions on the result of the election from the world of football: