Cutler overcomes toughest challenge yet

Lee Cutler

Written by Adam McGroarty (@AdamMcGroarty1) 

Lee Cutler (6-0-0) claimed a points victory over former London 2012 Olympian, Serge Ambomo (7-15-0), in Saturday night’s main event at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth.

The former Parkstone ABC amateur saw his hand raised after achieving a 60-55 points decision victory, keeping the 23-year-old’s perfect professional record intact.

Cutler felt that the challenge of Ambomo was the hardest he has faced in professional boxing, he told Nerve Sport. He said: “Looking at the future and the road ahead of me, Ambomo was just a stepping stone to where I want to go.

“I knew I had to get through him in order to be in a position to achieve what we want to achieve.”

Cutler prepared for his sixth professional bout by sparring Matchroom’s Ted Cheeseman (15-1-1), who is gearing up to defend his British Super Welterweight title against Scott Fitzgerald next month.

Cutler stated that the most valuable asset gained from sparring Cheeseman was the confidence he could carry into the ring when facing Ambomo. He said: “Obviously everybody has doubts set in so it’s good to turn up, have a good spar, and then to realise the level that you are at.”

“If camp especially isn’t going 100 per cent, you pick up some minor injuries, maybe have some nerves about the fight, when you spar well like that then you can go into a fight with your head held high.”

Local history to be written?

After the final bell had sounded, Steve Bendall announced the possibility of a November 29 card at the O2 Academy which could feature both Jack Simpson (1-0-0) and Lee Cutler again.

Simpson will be preparing for his second professional fight, whereas Cutler could face a title shot. Speaking about the occasion, Cutler said: “We are looking to get a title fight over 10 rounds, which will be a good experience for me with another step up in opponent.”

“We are looking to get an IBO Intercontinental title on the line for my fight. If it does happen, I could be the first person in over 25 years from Bournemouth to win a professional title.”

It makes your spine tingle!

Cutler also thanked local supporters for turning up in numbers to get behind both himself and Simpson, two local fighters. He said: “I was sat in the changing rooms for Jack’s fight and I could feel the floor boards vibrating, it makes your spine tingle!”

He added: “You struggle to take it all in when you’re in the moment, but when you watch it back and realise how great the support is, it makes me proud.”