SUBU’s Part Time Elections Get Underway


Image via SUBU

The SUBU Part Time Elections got underway today on both Talbot and Lansdowne campuses.

Voting opened at 10am this morning, with voting booths set up around both campuses.

Campaigning started around 9:30pm last night, with nominees eagerly awaiting the launch in the Loft.

Changes have been made to this year’s part time elections, with more roles created under the newly established Student Councils.

The councils comprise of four main areas which are Activites, Education, Welfare and Lansdowne. Within in these councils are separate roles that are specifically aimed to meet particular student needs.

The campaign was launched under the supervision of SUBU’s four Sabbatical Officers; President Murray Simpson, VP for Communication Annie Hall, VP for Education John Gusman, and VP for Lansdowne Sophie Chayter-Grubb.

Nerve spoke to them after the launch of the campaigns, to get their reactions and to find out why there has been such a drastic change to the Part Time Elections.

Voting closes on Friday 25th October at 5pm, with results to be announced in Dylans Bar.

For more information on the elections and to see who you can vote for, see the SUBU website at

By Anushka Naidoo

Head of News