Outside Broadcast: Freshtival 2012

During Arrivals FM, as part of Freshtival, we did an outside broadcast from the Christopher Creeke pub in Lansdowne. In the past, we’ve only done OBs from inside the University, and when we broadcast from Dylan’s Bar, this has simply involved a cable being run from the studio down the stairs and into the bar. Others have been done using the University network, via Shoutcast – well, actually, only one has been done like that so far.

The general Outside Broadcast via Shoutcast method is that the computer in the studio also has a ShoutCast server on it and VLC Media Player. A computer at the OB location has Winamp with the ShoutCast plugin. The OB computer connects into the ShoutCast server, and VLC plays it’s output. (If you’ve used ShoutCast before, you will know how it works – I may cover it another time!)

Yesterday was slightly different given that the Christopher Creeke isn’t part of the University. It is, however, next door to a University-owned building so we were still able to connect via a long network cable between the two buildings.

The fun came when getting the feed from the DJs. Annoyingly, the desk they were using only had one set of XLR outputs which were being used for the speakers. Fortunately, the long cable we use has two inputs and two outputs (ie, four-core cable). What had to be done in the end was having the feed from the DJ’s desk come to ours for the OB, then back again to the speakers.

The event went off without many problems really, the connection between the location and the University worked well (I would imagine that not many people would be using the University’s network at 10pm on a Sunday night!).