Listen to Nerve Radio

On Your Computer (I’m Simple):

NRPThe easiest way to listen to Nerve Radio, is via the Nerve Radio Player. Simply click here. With this, you can see our studio webcam, information about the show that’s currently on and what’s coming up next. You can also use this on your smartphones if you can’t get the TuneIn app (see below).

You can listen to us through TuneIn by clicking here to go to the TuneIn website.

On Your Computer (I’m a geek):

If you’re a geek, you can use VLC Media Player, iTunes, or any other MP3 streaming software of your choice to listen to us – simply open the network connection to and you’re sorted.

On Your Mobile Phone or Tablet:

Most smartphone users (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc) can download the TuneIn app for their phones which will allow you to listen to Nerve Radio on the go. If you can’t get TuneIn, then you can use our normal radio player. Remember though that this could take up a lot of your data allowance if you’re a full-on Nervert, so watch out for that. We’re currently working on an iPad-specific version of our player that you can use.

At Bournemouth University:

If you’re at the Talbot Campus of Bournemouth University, you can hear us if you loiter in the stairwell up to SUBU. However, this is a narrow stairwell and we don’t recommend that you do this for safety reasons. You can also hear us periodically in the Student Shop at Talbot Campus and in the BoHo Lounge at Lansdowne Campus, as well as in Dylan’s Bar (particularly when we’re doing something special!)

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