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Beartooth – ‘Below’ Album Review

Beartooth – ‘Below’ Album Review

On June 18th Download Pilot actually took place, taking us that one set further towards the full return of live concerts and festivals. Whist we’ve been crossing our fingers and praying to our Gods for the pandemic’s end to finally...
Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

As the vaccines roll out and the world gradually returns to normality, there is one question that has been on everyone’s lips; when can concerts resume? With countless albums recorded throughout the pandemic from artist’s home studios, the world hasn’t...



Davis back in contention for Cardiff clash

Davis back in contention for Cardiff clash

AFC Bournemouth boss Scott Parker confirmed that Leif Davis has returned to training following a hamstring issue that has seen the left-back miss the last two games.   The Leeds loanee did not feature in the wins over Barnsley or Queen’s...

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Travel Tuesdays: A Volunteer’s Story

Travel Tuesdays returns this week where Nicole Anyango writes about her eye-opening experience as a volunteer in Nigeria, and shares her beautiful lessons learnt while influencing young minds of the world. Edited by Natalie Whitmore We all share similarities along with our differences,...

EU draft deal to pave way for referendum

Cameron’s EU draft deal, which aims to keep Britain in the Europe Union, has been published. Cameron says it’s going to “substantial change,” paving the way for the referendum as early as June. The draft deal was published by European Council President,...

Five TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Nerve takes a look at the most talked about recent TV shows you should be watching when procrastinating! Student-to-student, whether we care to admit it or not we often find ourselves with a little too much time on our hands, asking...