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Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

As the vaccines roll out and the world gradually returns to normality, there is one question that has been on everyone’s lips; when can concerts resume? With countless albums recorded throughout the pandemic from artist’s home studios, the world hasn’t...



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Could you survive DryJanuary? Written by Steph Butcher and edited by Rebecca Pates Christmas Day: a time for happiness, excitement and good food. A day where everyone is joyous and wants to celebrate with family. It’s not meant to be...

Nerve FM is here!

That’s right folks – your favourite Student Radio Station is now broadcasting on 87.7fm. From 8am on Monday 17 – midnight at the end of Friday 28 March, you can tune in on 87.7fm in the Bournemouth and Poole areas...

Nerve Radio Live on FM

Bournemouth University’s student radio station, Nerve Radio, will broadcast live content as it goes on FM for 10 days from the 17th March. The radio station, which is run and managed solely by students, will be on channel 87.7FM until...