YouTuber Sam Pepper Apologises for Faked Videos

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YouTuber Sam Pepper says he faked his videos and has issued a public apology after removing all of his posts on social media sites such as, YouTube and Twitter following a Tweet say ‘I give up’.

The 26 year old gave no reason for removing his videos to his two million YouTube subscribers and one million Twitter followers. However a few days after he removed his social media footprint he posted a link to a new 20 minute video in which he explains his reasonings for removing his clips.

At 7:32AM this morning Pepper Tweeted saying:

Prank videos are how Sam Pepper made his name on YouTube but they were also the cause for his own demise.

In the 20 minute video Pepper comes clean to his followers saying that:

“YouTube is my life as lame as that sounds and I have never been at that part in my life where I shut down all my network sites and took off all my videos.”

Pepper started YouTubing 6 years ago making prank videos and filming ‘silly harmless dumb stuff’.

“I was one of the first prank channels and then all of these other prank channels started coming out doing more and more crazy stuff…thats when I worked out that its all fake.

“So I worked out I could do these pranks the other channels are doing – and I could just fake them.

“What I wasn’t thinking this whole time was that if I have to fake a video that means that it’s too crazy for me to actually do for real.”

“I make videos so that I can live…but you constantly have the fear of when am I going to go irrelevant.”

The turn in his YouTubing career came about when he did the ‘Fake Arse Pinching Prank’. Pepper posted a video in which showed him hiding his hand under his jumper so that he could pinch womens’ bums whilst asking for directions.

The backlash from fans and other YouTubers was huge, and a number of women accused him of sexual harassment. “I’m an idiot for pinching random girls bums…I got a ton of hate”

“I didn’t know how to handle all that hate, I didn’t know how to handle that whole scenario”, Pepper explains and it’s why he claimed the videos were a staged experiment.

“My first instinct, i’ve been making fake videos and making a false persona so I thought why don’t I try and twist this into something else?”

Instead of coming clean like Pepper wishes he had of done, he said that: “I made my situation worse because then everyone wanted to attack me more…it got to the point that people started to say that I raped them.”

He identifies that he cannot go on making videos without filming his apology video and at the end of the video the YouTuber explains he’s ashamed of his previous work.

“I’m really asking you guys please give me a second chance and I can make content that represents me as a person, that inspires… that’s why I’ve deleted every video on this channel and I’m only going to put up the ones that represent me.”

Sam Pepper concludes that he will cease to film pranks and ‘stupid’ videos and will upload only honest representations of himself and offer advice to his subscribers.