The wrath of Storm Doris hits the UK


This week has been the first week of Storm Doris. While counties across the UK had braced themselves for the storm, the damage that occurred is more serious than anticipated.

So far, the storm has consisted of high winds of up to 94 mph and heavy rains causing floods. Massive trees are being uprooted by the winds and there are nationwide flood warnings.

Emergency services are attempting to keep up with the damage done to the public and property. Floods and fallen trees have caused serious damage to homes and shops by breaking windows and destroying roofs. Signs above shops have been unhinged and fencing has been ripped from the ground by the winds.

But the damage does not stop there. Storm Doris has been the cause of several injuries and two deaths. There have been multiple incidents of cars crushed under falling trees, as well as several reports of people being injured by flying debris.Storm Doris

While most reports of injuries have not been critical, Storm Doris has already claimed two lives. A 29-year old woman in Wolverhampton was killed by flying debris during the storm.

Police in Wiltshire are currently investigating if the wind was a factor in the death of another woman, who was reportedly chasing an empty pram when it blew into the road, where the woman collided with a road sweeper.

The storm has also played serious havoc on transportation. Roads and train lines have been closed due to flooding and fallen trees. Flights are being cancelled or delayed due to winds of up to 94 mph, which pose a serious threat to passengers.

Thousands of homes are left without electricity in England and the Republic of Ireland. Repairs on electrical lines are currently underway in England, and many homes are expected to have their power restored by the end of the week.

The storm is expected to travel further East in the next week.