Why travelling is more educational than you may think


While the education system itself is remarkably useful, allowing young people to learn many handy tricks and tips for the real world, being educated doesn’t just stop there.

You may think that the only education we can truly achieve is through attending pre-school, nursery, school, college, and university.

The world tends to be ignored for its range of wonderful cultures and diverse languages, which provide people with a learning tool that they couldn’t possibly gain without the opportunity to travel.

Finally, the public have begun to recognise that the education system restricts young people from going abroad during term time.

Recently, Derbyshire became the very first county to allow children to take time off school, allowing them to attend holidays for up to 11 days a year.

The only requirement that children in Derbyshire need is to maintain 94% of attendance for the school year, for them to not miss out on a large majority of teaching.

This occurrence begun when a father, Jon Platt, won against a High Court ruling when he was fined £120 when he took his daughter on a holiday which wasn’t authorised.

Based on this information, the government have decided to think about reinstating changes to the law on holidays during school term time.

By the council doing this, children can explore the world and learn to understand the differences that each country provide, enabling young people to gain a grasp on discovering themselves through diverse cultures.


Although there is an argument that taking young people out of school may hinder their chance of achieving highly, who is to say that learning algebra will help someone more in life than building their own character and exploring discovered history?

In fact, many of the most important attributes needed in businesses include the ability to use resources, speaking multiple languages and, of course, independence.

The world is your oyster.