THINK! Christmas drink drive campaign is launched by government to target young males at high risk


As of 1st December 2016, young males may find themselves scrolling through social media to find a campaign on social media that may lead them to question whether they should follow their idea to drive home after drinking.

Throughout this festive month, a new advertisement will be released on Facebook, Spotify and Twitter to try to discourage people, especially young men, from drink driving.

It has been found that almost two thirds of people who have been killed from drink driving are young males, while a fifth of these young men have admitted to driving their vehicles after having at least 2 drinks.drink-drive-campaign-2

The chances of a crash after consuming two drinks are doubled.

To lessen the risk to the public of deciding to drink-drive, even Coca-Cola will play a part in the campaign by offering 2-for-1 cans and bottles of coke out to motorists. A whopping 8,000 pubs will be helping the popular soft drinks company out by participating in the campaign.

The idea is that a FOMO: ‘Fear of Missing Out’ concept will be portrayed within each advertisement to deliver that each male has a life to carry on living the day after, which could ultimately not come around for them if they chose to drive home after drinking.

Police officers will be on the lookout for anyone driving under the influence of drink or drugs over the Christmas and New Year period.

Up until the very last date in December, the THINK! Facebook and Twitter pages will be posting an advert to support the Christmas drink drive campaign each day.

Christmas has specifically been targeted as the ideal month to discourage drink driving, due to its high rate in festive parties being thrown.

Due to the widespread celebration of Christmas, the public tend to drink to a much larger rate than usual. Make sure you stay safe this Christmas!