Clown phenomena takes over social media


We’ve seen it all over Twitter and Facebook… What is really going on with this clown craze?

Clowns have been sighted at a high number of areas across the nation, it turns out that the whole thing started in America.

Members of the public started to notice the red noses amongst the woods of South Carolina, the very first instance involved a young boy, in which two clowns attempted to lure him into a house in the woods.

Now, the craze has spread to England – what a difference the influence of videos on social media can have on the world!

Of course, we’re all finding anything, from puppy videos to bottle flipping, that’ll distract us from that one assignment that makes you want to rip your eyeballs out.

Whether it is serious or an actual joke, we don’t know for sure, however, there is evidence of clowns walking into roads that have been caught on camera.

With some having stepped out in front of driver’s cars, they’re obviously trying to have some impact in the public eye.

proxyKnives are a new addition to their costumes, too.

Nobody has been reported to have been hurt, but a troop of school children (aged 11-12) were recently approached by a suited clown.

The man in disguise didn’t injure them, yet in spite of this, followed them during their walk to school and attempted to jump out at them.

The real question is, why did this all start in the first place?!

Nobody knows! It could be an act of fun, but could it be a way to distract us from the presidential rivalry between Trump and Hillary?

It may be an act to distract us from current important matters. I’m sure by tomorrow there’ll be vlogs on YouTube of theories like these.

The craze could potentially be over soon due to the next craze that takes over, maybe Drake’s new tour dates will take over the talk now?

Police have boldly stated their aim to arrest anyone dressed as clowns (that appear suspicious) and perhaps this will put a stop to the phenomena!