Toluwa Atilade


As a second-year student who is currently the Women’s Liberation Officer, has previously been a National Union of Students (NUS) conference delegate and has worked alongside organisations that promote the wellbeing & welfare of young people in London, running for Vice President Welfare & Community for SUBU aligns with my passions.

Having been involved with SUBU the moment I enrolled at Bournemouth University I am aware of how SUBU tackles a range of welfare & community issues from offering mental health support to attempts to end stigmas within our communities. However, because of my close involvement with SUBU I have been able to identify cracks in the system, cracks I believe I can close.

If elected as your VP Welfare & Community I aim to:

  • To continue and improve SUBU’s period poverty campaign. I aim to lobby SUBU to provide free tampons and pads in toilets on campus.
  • To rework the liberation campaigns, making them more visible and effective.
  • Work alongside Reslife to tackle the mental health crisis within Student accommodations. I aim to introduce mental health training for Reslife officials.
  • Work with the VP Student Opportunities to provide more wellbeing support for clubs and societies.
  • To work with SUBU staff to reimagine what welfare means for students here at BU. We need to first define welfare and then represent and fight for the rights of our students.
  • Create a review platform where students can rate and leave comments regarding housing agents and landlords.

I want every student to experience and interact with a SUBU that is inclusive, close-knitted and allied with each other. Together with me as your VP Welfare & Community I can support you to have the best university experience, so vote for Toluwa #1 VP Welfare & Community.

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