Rohit Motiramani


Hey BU family, my name is Rohit and I am running to be elected as the Vice President Welfare and Community.

I believe that individual wellbeing is the essence of a healthy community, and as students we must create an environment which enhances our university life. Hence it is of utmost priority for me to ensure every student at BU lives and experiences their university life to the fullest. With an ingrained trait of helping others selflessly, I aim at supporting each student of BU to realise their maximum potential by take up new challenges to reach their next level.

In two and a half years of my life at BU, I have prepared myself to serve you better by gaining experience working with a number of international conferences hosted by BU, volunteering for university events and campaigns in Bournemouth and London. Having studied hospitality and tourism, I enthusiastically contributed to the Nomads club which I started as a group for the adrenaline junkies of BU.

If elected as Vice President Welfare and Community, I will campaign for the following:

  • Further development of the support network for international students for easy adaption to all phases of university life in Bournemouth and have an enhanced lifestyle. Career monitoring and counselling will be focused on.
  • Enhance mental health support system by introducing new activities and organising regular check-ups for improving overall happiness index of BU. Topics like finance, relationships, etc. will be focused on.
  • Increase participation in BU clubs and societies with an aim of each student being a part, as there is no limit to learning by engaging with people from all cultures of the world for a healthy social life. I will focus on creating global citizens out of BU students through cultural development.

Rohit is a welfare and tourism graduate, hoping to enhance mental health support around the university, as well as providing placement and career support.

When asked whether he would be the best person for the job, Rohit was confident about his ability to maintain good student mental and physical wellbeing, suggesting that his personal experience with mental health helps him to “understand the importance of working” to improve mental health services around the university.

Rohit believes he stands out from the rest of the candidates, suggesting that he believes in “change and innovation”, and also states how he has a good sense of social responsibility, committed to increasing the university’s overall happiness ranking.

Mentioning lifestyle opportunities for students, Rohit plans to “focus on lifestyle achievement programmes for the students to prepare them better for university life… including helping students with all phases of university life”.

Rohit has also made some bold manifesto commitments. When asked about his commitment to develop the support network for international students so they can adapt easier into university life, he states that he wants “…students to be approached individually to check their overall progress through an analysis system” however does not go into detail for how this will be achieved. Rohit also wishes to improve participation in clubs and societies, however did not outline his plans on how he will achieve this.

Rohit however did go onto say how he wishes to be a VP Welfare and Community for all students, “Supporting every student at the university in order for them to realise their full potential”.