Niza Waterfield


Hello, my name is Niza Waterfield. I’m running for Vice-President Welfare and community.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 university students are affected by mental health issues.

I believe that every student should be able to access the support necessary for them to thrive and be successful on their academic journey

If elected I will:

  • Organise events and activities for students and staff, that encourage involvement and the implementation of steps to wellbeing.
  • I will create awareness of the avenues of support and wellbeing services provided by BU for its students and staff in relation to mental health.
  • I will promote diversity in all aspects and the opportunity for students to have their voice heard on issues pertaining to welfare and community.

As Vice-President of the Business Society, I’ve been afforded the chance to worked with SUBU and get involved with SUBU culture. I’m also Outreach Coordinator of Be:loved, an outreach I started to help support rough sleepers in our local community. This position has offered me the opportunity to connect with SUBU’s Core charity, Street support and its partners. I therefore look forward to continuing a strong and lasting relationship with Street Support and Partners.

Furthermore, I believe that academia is as much about your environment and relationships as it is about knowledge and learning. A concentration of talent and energy where truly incredible things can and should be born. I want our time here at BU to be some of the most memorable. So that we can leave, not only with our desired learning objectives but having developed the wellbeing skills and healthy pillars to go out into the world and succeed in all that we wish to achieve. Allow me to provide the support you need as your Vice-President Welfare and Community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Niza Waterfield is running for the position of VP Welfare and Community – a position that she has stated she has a lot of passion for.

“I’m very passionate about community… people in general and people’s welfare, I am passionate about seeing people achieve the best they can and meet their potential,” she stated, when speaking to us.

Indeed, Niza’s background shows her effort to reach into the wider community – and to create good change.

We asked a little bit more about Niza’s involvement in Be:loved, an outreach programme to help the homeless, that she is currently an Outreach Coordinator of:

“I live close to the town centre; I go into town quite a lot and I see a lot of people sleeping rough. A couple of years ago, a lot of places where people could stay were shut down”, due to a decision that there was adequate support for those who needed it, according to Niza.

Niza decided to take initiative by speaking to the rough sleepers in her community with a couple of her friends and found that a lot of people couldn’t help their circumstances themselves.

“It came down to a lot of mental health issues or just people having exhausted their resources. A lot of people might have a shelter to go to, they might have housing for a night, but they then go back on the street and don’t feel seen…”.

According to Niza, Be:loved was created to ‘bridge the gap’ between those who need help and those who are able to provide it, and by creating an equal relationship that provides help if someone asks for it, to create “a level playing field where we’re not handing out anything unless it’s something that’s asked of us, and just be there to just sit down and have a chat”.

In terms of her campaign, Niza recognises the need for better mental health provision, and when we asked about what she would implement as a solution, the candidate believed more information on how to treat and help mental health issues was the way.

“I would create more training for actual staff, so people are aware on how to handle situations. Because sometimes people need the support right then and there”.

The second-year student has also recognised a link between accommodation and bad mental health.

“I know a lot of students that I’m friends with and my peers that really say that their accommodation plays a really big part in their mental health and I think that’s an area that should be looked into as well”.

In her manifesto, Niza states that “the environment” of the university and the “relationships” the students make “are just as important as knowledge and learning”. The candidate also recognises the importance of better access to facilities around campus that create better wellbeing in the community – this being what Niza Waterfield’s campaign and work as VP Welfare and Opportunities is and would be about.