Mohamed Hamed


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek’’, Barack Obama.

These are words that I have lived by my whole life, as from a young age I have been praised in many different areas about my ability to stand up from a crowd and take charge. For me however, praise was never considered as my main objective, as there is no better sense of gratification then seeing the positive change that overcame the community.
Being current Executive officer has enabled me to closely work with the full-time officers and learn from their great work on the job.

Running as Vice president of Welfare and Community means a great deal to myself, as being a student in this day and age comes with a substantial deal of challenges, all the way from university stress, friendship circles, to social media tension.
As Being an international student, miles and miles away from home, comes with an incredible handful of pressures and struggles, as seeing firsthand how it could affect students, it’s something no student should endure alone, and I will make it one of my major priorities to change that. The belonging of a group or more importantly a home away from home is a feeling every single student should feel, a home that anyone from anywhere could enter and feel like they belong.

Changes I will bring to the board:

  • Make sure students have a strong community to back them at all costs
  • Prevent the being alone factor from taking over student lives. A home for students.
  • Ensure that students are heard and appreciated
  • Build up on the great projects of the current officers

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