Ugo George Andy-Eke


As a postgraduate student and current students’ mentor, I have acquired an in-depth sense

of responsibility to help students achieve their goals beyond just having an education. I

understand the need for every student to develop beyond the classroom by participating in

extracurricular activities and gaining vital skills that better equip them for the future. This is

why I have decided to run for the role of Vice President Student Opportunities – to

represent all students within the University and students’ union.

If elected, I will:

  • Implement hardship fund scheme, to eliminate financial barriers that students may
  • Provide a range of skill-based volunteering opportunities to help students gain
    transferrable CV skills and access industry networks by developing and expanding the More Than My Degree Campaign.
  • Introduce mental and wellbeing champions for all clubs and societies.
  • Create a physical and online space for students to be able to access monthly
    activities timetable.
  • Provide support for our international students that help support post-study employability.

Please do not forget to go out and vote for Ugo as number 1 for the position of Vice President Student Opportunities.

You have invested in the university, let us make the university invest in YOU.

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