Shadreck Witness Nyankhundi


Hi my name is Shadreck Witness Nyankhundi a final year Business with Finance Student running for Vice President of Student Opportunities.

As a final year international student, I have come to learn the importance of the student experience. Give me the opportunity to be your VP as I am an active member of the Business society, BU Olympic weightlifting team and an active student ambassador.
I feel like I have had the experiences of policies being implemented on and feel that I have the unique opportunity to represent you and continue the great works that SUBU engages in to allow the great student experience.

If elected I will:

  • Allow for the more accessibility and understanding of the student union to the students as to allow for more involvement by student body.
  • Service the current clubs and society’s funding system in place to make it more accessible, transparent and beneficial to all students requiring its use.
  • Continue the Liaison with SportBU in trying to provide more facility’s and accessibility of facilities by students coming from different locations onto Talbot and landsdowne.
  • Promote and enhance the current employability opportunity’s being provided to students through workshops by getting SUBU to be more involved and allow for inclusiveness in these type of opportunity’s for international students by working with national employers to give students personal development opportunities.
  • I will ensure that the is appropriate funding for already existing activities, clubs and societies.


My name is Witness Shadreck Nyankhundi and I am running for VP activities in for SUBU. Please consider voting for me .

For any further information and people willing to contribute  you can find me at

“Lets Make The Student Union Work For You “

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