Izzy Ralfe


Hello, I’m Izzy and I am running for the position of VP Student Opportunities.

I am passionate about the student experience and want to use my involvement within SUBU over the past 4 years, to ensure it continues to develop and be the best it can be for you.

I am one of the current Presidents of the Dance Society, having been Vice-President in 2017/18. During my time with the Dance Society I set up the annual fundraiser “BU come Dancing” an event that a range of students across a range of teams participate in.  More recently I have helped organise a competition where universities across the country will come and compete in Bournemouth.

During my placement year I worked in the Research Department for BU as the Student Engagement and Communications Coordinator in academic research and opportunities. Through this, my knowledge of the university and the opportunities available was greatly extended.

If elected I would aim to:

  • Focus efforts into mental health and the importance that activities and student opportunities play in a healthy state of mind.
  • Increase awareness around student development and employability opportunities
  • Create strong relationships with students at both Talbot and Lansdowne to ensure maximum involvement and awareness of the opportunities available
  • Work hands on with committee members in the hope of ensuring major goals and aspirations are achieved across the year
  • Focus efforts into continuing the work surrounding diversifying opportunities in clubs and societies for all students

Thank you for reading my proposed objectives. I have many other ideas which I feel will promote positive aspects of change for the student’s union as a whole.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have via Facebook (Izzy Ralfe) or Email: isabelleralfe@gmail.com

Izzy is running for the role of VP Student Opportunities, she believes she is the best person for the job due to her experience as president of the dance society and organiser of BU Come dancing which raised £2000 for charity. She also believes that her added experience working in the research department at BU as student engagement coordinator will aid this experience.

Izzy believes she can add to the role of VP Student Opportunities, and she acknowledged that her job would entail developing the existing opportunities available around the university. Izzy then went on to reference her 4 years at university and how she wishes to “build that sense of community and doing it through a real sense of collaboration”.

We then moved onto the next question whereby we asked Izzy what she thinks makes her stand out for the role of VP Opportunities. Izzy answered by adding that she has a desire to work hands-on with students. Izzy also mentioned that she “does not want to be the sort of person who is stuck sitting behind the scenes waiting for people to come to me”.

In her manifesto, Izzy mentioned that she wished to create strong relationships between Talbot and Lansdowne campus to ensure maximum involvement in opportunities available. Izzy then went on to explain how she would almost act as a sort of middle-man, “really making myself available to students”. Izzy said “she knows quite a few people in Lansdowne campus that feel isolated from Talbot campus”, saying that if elected she would make herself available at least once a month where students can approach her and talk to her about their concerns and wishes. She added that this would be for both campuses.

Izzy wishes to increase awareness of student development and employability opportunities. When asked how she would change what is already in place around the university for this, Izzy repeated her ideas to make sure she was open and available to be approached in order to answer questions students may have as well as to provide advice and guidance. In addition to this, she said that she would utilise social media in order to further spread knowledge, as well as tailoring opportunities to different societies, making sure that relevant societies were informed of these opportunities for their members.

Izzy mentions that she would make sure that she reached “as wide of a student body as possible”.

Izzy finished by adding that she is “on the side of the students”.