Devkant Sharma


My name is Devkant Sharma, first year Master’s Student at Talbot Campus and pursuing MSc Internet of things with Cyber security. I have nominated myself for the Vice President Student opportunities because I have prior experience of 10 years in the similar profile.

If elected, I will –

  • Train the trainer (TTT) Campaign
    This program enables students to enhance their skills such as critical thinking, leadership and inter-personal skills. Through this they can intern share their knowledge with other students with various workshops over a period of time.
  • Employability part time/full time
    As most of the international students arrive on education loan, they strive to get a part time job. Moreover, once a student completes his/her program and is looking out for an opportunity. I would conduct various hiring campaigns by collaborating with various consultancies and various organizations, which would eliminate the gap between aspiring students and employers.
  • Cultural and Religious activities for all communities on weekends or over the holiday period for international students
    The students come from various places of the world and from diverse traditions; the best way to bring everyone together is by arranging a kind of cultural activities
  • Better housing
    Non-profit student letting agency –  no hidden costs, no need for a UK guarantor, a letting code and lower deposits, Expand the student housing cooperative, Challenge rogue landlords and reclaim illegal fees
  • Food option for students
    Inclusion of food menu in BU app, where students can pre-order food and take away saving the time with ease of covenience. A variety of option for food is yet to introduce in application and website for the betterment of the students.

Please make sure you remember to go out and vote…

My name is Dev and please consider voting for me

Devkant Sharma is a masters student here at BU. We wanted to know what does he think about the SU? And how will he improve it? We spoke to him to find out.

When asked how he would improve the running of volunteering and the clubs and societies, Devkant drew from his experience working as a student ambassador back home in India.

‘I have deep knowledge about the things that students expect, and ‘Know that I can help them’

Speaking about how he stands out from the other nominees, he spoke about. Having a deeper understanding of the working world, and how that would easily help him. he knows what is ‘mandatory for placement and career opportunities’ and ‘what is happening in the job market’.

Devkant in his manifesto spoke about collaborating consultancies and organisations that ensure better job opportunities for students. When pressed about these collaborations, he spoke about having personal relationships with many IT and manufacturing companies, allowing for him to encourage them to come to career fairs. As part of his career, this sort of things. have become second nature to Devkant. ‘I was running my own consultancy in India, and now recruited more than 18,000 students by now, and know how to make it very convenient’. It’s clear Devkant knows what he’s doing.

Finally, we spoke to Devkant about landlords and letting agencies, a big part of his manifesto. ‘there are many students who are. Cheated by their landlords; they are told to pay rent 6 months in advance and sometimes the accommodation’s is too far from the university. I cannot challenge the legal authorities, but I can make things easier to spot to stop students feeling cheated’.