Connor Reece- Chaplin Howarth


I’m an Archaeological and Forensic science student, as well as an active committee member of my society. I would describe myself as innovative, determined and have the passion and drive to accomplish my goals and the dedication to see them through and further them. As a third year Archaeology and Forensic science student I have learnt to be methodical and logical when planning and resolving issues and my time on my societies committee has led to taking on responsibilities beyond my role including: event planning; fundraising organising; financial management and being a representative at the recent freshers fair.

Short term goals

I’d like to implement better budgeting and improve the funding request forms so that societies are able to apply whilst also maintaining a stable finance support service. I plan to do this by proper planning  and division of the budget over the academic year with the help of a qualified accountant that I want to employ with SUBU, as well as altering the funding forms to ensure that funding is used responsibly whilst also covering the necessary costs. This will make the funding system for societies and sports fairer, more transparent and accessible to all groups.

Vision of the future

My goals for the year are to improve the financial support for all the societies in SUBU. My main goal is to work alongside Bournemouth University itself, so that all the sports teams who represent the university receive better financial and facility support. This would allow the teams to take part in competitions and train whilst also preserving the funding budget.

Connor’s main enthusiasm for applying for the role of VP Student Opportunities is the changes he can make to clubs and societies here at SUBU.

Connor stated during his interview “I’m looking to improve the quality of the opportunities that the societies are getting because of the limited amount of money that they have to go out and do new things, competitions that they want to do, because they’re so limited in the funding they have.”

He added that the nature of the relationship between SUBU and the university is separated, and his policies aim to improve this by providing the clubs and societies with more support.

One of the key problems that Connor has identified from speaking to staff and taking part in wider university discussion was the arguably small budget for clubs, societies and activities, that Connor has stated has not “been budgeted properly…” as it is supposed to last for the entire year.

According to Connor, societies are left to “stress about where they’re going to get money from’, which might put them ‘at risk of going under”.

The candidate’s solution to this problem is for better communication between societies and those who oversee the providing of funding for better clarity.

“There needs to be meetings, emails with the committees of societies so they know where money is needed and where it needs to go”.

Connor has also proposed ways that SUBU could support fundraising, which he thinks would be a great way of helping clubs and societies.

“I think fundraising should be completely encouraged, even be helped by SUBU. I’ve got a couple of ideas for that as well to help societies to help fundraise easily, so that we can get at least some actual support to the events they want to do”.

Connor states that he is a genuine candidate that has the drive and determination to bring about change in SUBU. He has said that his own involvement in the Pagan and Witchcraft society has allowed him to see how clubs and societies are organised within SUBU, which informs his own want to be involved as VP Student Opportunities.