Nishanth Bommineni


Hello…My name is Nishanth Bommineni

I am running for the President of SUBU

I am running because I have observed that the university has initiated its best to engage students to communicate and increase student networking though there is no similar response from the students. As the president of BU, I would make sure that every student engages with the co-curricular activities at the Uni, which would aid their CVs and careers.

My Experience:

I previously worked as the president of the innovative club in my degree college, where students proposed their ingenious ideas to shape their careers or add to the community. I being the president have approved quite a few ideas which involved start-up ideas, NGOs, various events and workshops.

Key Campaign Points:

If elected I will campaign on the Following things;

  1. Me being an international student, has faced culture shock while I first arrived at BU. I want to make my fellow students overcome their fears of being at BU and make the university a pleasant place.
    I will achieve the aim of this through constantly communicating my ideas through the university podcasts-the Nerve media.
  2. I see students coming up with innovative ideas to make their time at the university even more exciting. I will make sure these ideas take shape and progress to help the coming intakes.
    This issue is important because university has become a place to study but not a place of innovation, I would like to change this perspective.

I will achieve the aim by conducting workshops named ‘IGNITE 2k20’ where students propose their ideas and the best one gets approved. I would make sure that implementation happens right and these sessions are conducted every now and then.



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“I see the role of SUBU President as a very prestigious post in SUBU,” says Nishanth Bommineni. We sat down in the SUBU building to discuss his campaign, and why he wants to serve as SUBU President.

“I chose to run for the post because I have my own club where I used to be president, so I have experience in talking on behalf of students,” he tells Nerve. Nishanth is a Master’s student at BU and used to be the president of his college’s Innovation Society in India. When he came to Bournemouth, Nishanth said he had the idea of taking the step forwards and trying to make the University a better place.

In his manifesto, Nishanth writes, “I have observed that the university has initiated its best to engage students to communicate and increase student networking though there is no similar response from the students.” Moreover, he wants to “make sure that every student engages in the [extra]curricular activities at the Uni”.

Nishanth said that he often does not believe students see the value in attending events, however he believes that these events are an opportunity to make connections with others. Nerve asked Nishanth if he believes that if student engagement is low, is it the fault of the students or whether the Student Union take some responsibility. Nishanth answered, “it’s not the fault of the Student Union. I’m saying that not all students are at fault in this, but some of the students are making a wrong decision in these kinds of things.” He continues by repeating his belief that by attending events, students can build networks and share knowledge with each other.

But how will he, as he says in his manifesto, make sure that all 16000 students at BU attend every events and engagement in extracurricular activities? Nishanth says that he has previous experience from his college where he used to make friends with everyone, and he would use this initiative to get them to attend and make connections with others. Nishanth continued that he wants it to remain students choice to attend events but he will clearly explain the benefits so he can get students thinking more positively. He also stated that he would use social media and thinks that “social media is a good platform to say something. So in this way, we are planning to reach each and every student by letting them know about these events by using social media platforms.”

“SUBU might need to organise some kind of events like, what we call, friendly talks. We can take the initiative of an event where everyone comes together and talks to each other, and it will be some kind of fun and entertainment. Like a free event where everyone loves to come to. If you are conducting any kind of activities, students take more interest in participating in them. So in conducting these kinds of events and workshops, I am planning to gather them all.”

Nishanth’s other policy proposals are to empower students to present their innovative ideas to “make their university even more exciting,” by conducting a workshop named “IGNITE 2k20.” He also wants to help students to “overcome their fears of being at BU and make the University a pleasant place.”

Nishanth tells Nerve that he is very outgoing. When he started an Innovation Society in his college in India, he quickly established relationships with both students and CEOs of businesses around the school. “That helped us a lot in our events and gathering all the students, so by using that plan, we can do more here. We are a wide range of students, and we have the facilities to do it.”