Naomie Lebe


You want something done? Naomie is the 1
#Don’tHate #LoveLebe #Naomie4Pres
I want to be your next SUBU President!

We as students deserve trust, transparency, and for the Union to listen and represent US!

As a final year Product Design Student, I have created Vlogs to welcome and inform students from around the world through SUBU. Having the opportunity to volunteer as an Executive committee member within the Students’ Union, it has given me further understanding of how SUBU works, and how I can be of value for the Union as President.

From overpriced graduations, to mental health crises and even lecture strikes that inconvenience us as students, you need a president that will make change and will not stop until it is achieved.

If elected I will:

– Lobby BU to subsidise graduation fees based on household income.

– Improve communication channels between the Students’ Union and all BU students

– Introduce a Mentorship scheme that enriches the professional and academic experiences of students at Bournemouth

– Ensure that our students’ union is fit for purpose for and is future proofed for years to come

– Work with the university and the Union to improve the international students’ Hub to promote better integration, and engagement for ALL international students at BU.

A vote for me is a vote for an experienced candidate who is ready and prepared to work for you all.

You want something done? Naomie is the 1!

#Don’tHate #LoveLebe #Naomie4Pres

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