Gideon Adu-Gyamfi

Gideon- President

My name is Gideon Adu-Gyamfi. A course rep and a student of MSc. International Management. I am contesting for SUBU President in the upcoming SUBU election. Having been a student in BU for over a year now, I believe I have a perfect understanding of how student experience looks like and my ambition is to make both current and future students experience much better than we have now and also create equal student experience for all students.

Aside my diverse working experience, I have served in this noble university as a student Ambassador and in various capacities for the welfare of students. The confidence you had in me last year, based on which you came out to vote for me as far as this same portfolio is concerned is an unforgettable memory and I strongly believe that, on this second occasion, you would give me the opportunity to serve as SUBU President, by taking into consideration my experience and competence.

My policies if elected President are:

  • To create an international students’ affairs support centre to enhance the integration of international students in BU.
  • To ensure value for money on student accommodation and also lobby for a free first replacement of students I.D card and a free car parking space for BU students.
  • For a better IT services and implement a disabled friendly Library support services.
  • To create a platform to deepen awareness creation and quick response to mental and sexual health issues.
  • To increase sports scholarship by 25% and also incorporate into sports BU active recreational activities for disabled students to achieve greater sporting equality in BU.
  • I beseech you all to support this collective agenda and VOTE

#Gideon for #President

This is not the first time Gideon Adu-Gyamfi has run for SUBU president. In 2019, after having been a BU student for only a few weeks, Gideon was among those running for president in the full-time officer elections, but he was unsuccessful in winning the election. “To be honest, I only had a t-shirt that was given to me, I didn’t do a poster, I didn’t spend a single pound of the budget. I barely even campaigned,” says Gideon. “I was able to get a lot of votes,” he continues, “close to even winning the elections, but the current president already had an advantage because he had been in the system.”

Gideon is a MSc student in International Management, and he serves as a course rep and a student ambassador.  Nerve asked him why he wants to be SUBU president.

“I think it is a very important question that every student should ask,” answers Gideon. “The reason I am going for this position is that I have these qualities that I believe have all students’ interests at heart. It is quite simple. The ambition is making students experience better than I did enjoy both uni and creating equal experience for all students.”

Gideon describes himself as a global citizen and as well as his ambition, says that his background will make him the president. “I have been in Bournemouth Uni for a little over a year now,” he says, “and I perfectly understand the student experience, with regards of accomodation, way of life and transportation, basically every area you should think about, examination issues, deadline, assignments, stress, frustration, time management and all that.”

“In the first two or three weeks at Bournemouth University, I was blank. I couldn’t understand what was being taught because the learning environment was very different from where I was coming from,” says Gideon, but one of his flagship policies is to “create an international student’s affairs support center,” whose purpose is to facilitate an easy integration into the university community.  “I can clearly tell you what a fresh student who is an international is going to feel like. How are we going to make sure that everyone has a successful integration and a successful onboarding and making them feel like a part of Bournemouth University? I am going to create a support center that will look at these issues. How to get accommodation, how somebody can apply for an airline, how somebody can get a job, how somebody can manage their time well, because trust me, the environment is different in Africa, where I come from.”

Gideon says that all his policies are student-centered policies. Some of his other policy proposals include lobbying for free replacements of student IDs and free parking for BU students, creating a platform to “deepen awareness creation and quick response to mental and sexual health issues,” and to increase the variety of recreational activities for disabled students in Sports BU.

“One of the things that is important to me is the inclusion of disability,” says Gideon. “For instance, if you go to the disability toilet, we have done that, but if you go to the library, you don’t have disability assisted learning, you don’t have disability spaces. In many places, you don’t have any support for disabled students, which is really unfortunate as a part of our values for Bournemouth University.”

“The plan of Gideon from president of SUBU is to make students experience better than before, and to create equal experience for all students,” he explains. “So, looking at my policy, it is looking at every single individual.”