Adam Gbadamosi

Adam- President

Life as a student can be as good as it should be if we have someone who is keen on impacting the positive changes that you want.

As a delegate for Dorset spark challenge, global talent programme participant, member of friends of the earth Volunteer in varieties of SUBU activities, I hereby position myself to be your president so that together, we can work towards ensuring we get the best out of our experience of being students at BU.

If you bestow me with your mandate,

  • Create further partnership with businesses in Bournemouth and its environment in order to foster more placement opportunities that would make students more employable after their degree and work with National Union of Student to continue our campaigns on national issues like fees.
  • Lobby BU for a platform on Brightspace connecting all Bournemouth university student together such that student could get their piece of work appraised  before final submission by a fellow student who had got fantastic grade from records so this could improve the academic excellence of students and ensure all lecturers put the recording of each lectures on bright space.
  • Assign student faculty representative in order to improve communication between students’ and their elected representatives.
    create more awareness on mental health issues and it prevention.
  • Lobby BU for sport centre at Lansdowne so the student can be inclusive.
  • Revive SUBU green tax force in order to be more sustainable.

Do you really care to have President who is passionate, hardworking and ready to be used in order to represent you effectively?

Then you would want me.

Please vote ADAM #1 for President

Adam Gbadamosi wants to make changes in SUBU. he is running for the position of SUBU president because he wants to make student life “as good as it can be.”

Adam is a masters student studying MSc Public Health. His extracurricular experience includes being a delegate for Dorset Spark Challenge, taking part in the Global Talent Programme, being a member of Friends of Earth, and participating in SUBU activities.

He says that he wants to work with the National Union of Students to “solve issues like fees.”

Moreover, his manifesto includes policies such as to partner with businesses in Bournemouth to create career opportunities for BU students, improve the usability of Brightspace, and to revive “SUBU green tax force”.

Adam made the point in his interview that Lansdowne students do not currently have access to Sport BU facilities, lobbying that he would like to provide a Sports BU centre at Lansdowne campus, claiming that “access to physical activity would improve the mental and physical health of students.”

He says that the Bournemouth Gateway building would be a convenient location for the Sports BU centre, although, he is not sure if the building is supposed to include any sports facilities or not.

One of Adam’s policy proposals is to “assign student-faculty representatives [to] improve communication between students and their elected representatives.”

We asked him how his plan differed from the current student representation system, that already have elected representatives for each faculty.

Adam explains that in the current system, many courses are lacking a course rep and that he wants to “bring this policy on board where we could have faculty representatives which will serve as mediators between the student executive and the students, especially in those departments without course reps in the long run.” He also wants to set up regular meetings between course reps, faculty reps and himself to make sure that feedback is being communicated effectively. “So, it’s the communication I’m targeting. I am concerned because I want everybody’s voice to be heard, and I want everyone to be involved, but I can’t do everything alone,” says Adam, “I want to work with the elected officers in SUBU and with the student volunteers.”

Adam says that his plan differs from the current student rep system because it takes into account that many courses do not have course reps. He wants to solve that problem with increased communication between students, their representatives and full-time officers. He was not willing to go into further details about this policy.

A separate point in Adam’s manifesto is that he wants to create more awareness on mental health issues and it’s prevention,” by running campaigns to educate students and staff about this issue of mental health and work with local charities to increase support for students.

When asked to elaborate, he responded by saying “Mental health is a big issue in the UK, and it is a big issue in this institution. So we need more hands on deck”.

“I want to listen to the student voice and implement change that they desire,” says Adam. “So if students want anything to be done, I would create a platform where students can communicate with their representatives. So kindly vote for me for SUBU President.”