Kelly Lovelock


I’m Kelly Lovelock, running to be your VP Education

If elected the following is what I aim to achieve as your VP education

  • To change and improve the student representative system

This is the main way our voices as students can be heard with the most impact. I want to close the gap between the university and students. To ensure that our issues getting resolved but also that every student is getting feedback from any issue they have previously made. So, you know that your issues are being looked at and that they are being listened to.

  • Tackle the issues with timetables. Every faculty, department and course have different issues with their timetables, and I want to change this

It’s a big issue as it can make or break your experience, but it can also affect the amount of time you can invest into your studies. As VP Education I would ensure that they are being created with most benefits for us. By not having random hour lectures on a single day or not having enough time to get from one lecture to the next. That they are released with enough time so that those with dependents have time to sort out childcare. But also, so those with a part-time job have time to sort out when their availability will be.

  • More engaging and interactive lectures.

Getting the most content from the lecture but also enjoyment. Making sure you’re not just getting a “PowerPoint lecture” because anyone can just read off a screen. To make them engaging and worthwhile. To see you leaving your lectures knowing what the hell went on.

PLEASE make sure you VOTE.  You’ll be changing the university experience for yourself and others.



When it comes to the educational experience at BU, communications between union and student seems to be a top priority for Kelly: “Listening to students and making sure that they feel heard” is a key way to improve the educational experience here at Bournemouth.

Kelly is hoping her extra experience as a faculty member will put her ahead of her competitors for the role as VP Education, “I already attend big university meetings and I know how to talk to high up people in the university. I think this will really help me”.

The relationship between students and their ambassadors is important to Kelly and making sure that student concerns are heard and recognised is a big thing for her: “‘I want to make sure it’s okay for a student to go to their lecturer if they get something wrong and for that student to receive decent feedback”.

When asked if her issues with timetables clash with the union action strikes happening at universities with lecturers, Kelly believes her ideas won’t add to the lecturer’s problems, and maybe even help them: “My aim is to use the hours that the lecturers are already working. I’m not getting them to work more hours, just using the hours that they already work in a better way”.

Lectures can be long and boring, so we asked Kelly how she would make lectures more engaging for students: “I think not only making their teaching style more engaging would work, but also using the rep system better to get more feedback on how the students are actually feeling”.