Chiko Bwalya


Despite all of the contributing factors that make the university experience what it is, at the centre of it all is the education you receive. Everyone deserves the right to an education that fulfills the expectations set by their institution and one that provides a worthwhile experience.

I want to be the next VP of education because I have the drive and desire to support students and convey their feelings about how their future is being written to the best of my ability.
As the current officer of the Black Students’ Campaign and having been a student rep for the last two years, I believe that I have the knowledge and the know how that will enable me to liaise with both staff and students, to ensure that your academic future is fruitful.

If elected, I will work towards:

  • Improving the accessibility of Simon and ensuring that all student reps are well equipped to complete their duties
    Making the ALS screening process more accessible and affordable to all students.
  • Introducing a safety pledge that mandates all staff to correctly acknowledged and pronounce students preferred names and pronouns
  • Reinstate the education council to make the guarantee that all students (including post-grad, part-time, parents, etc.) from both campuses are represented
  • Work with BU and the wellbeing service to tackle seasonal depression and the ways in which it can affect students, specifically during exam season.

I want the chance to work with SUBU to support your journey in your academic career.

So please, vote Chiko #1 for VP Education.

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