SUBU’s Statement on Election Controversy

Bournemouth University Entrance

SUBU have released a statement following petitions on a vote of no confidence regarding the recent elections:

SUBU Statement

SUBU Statement

Petitions need 25 student i or s number to be successful, and one concerning the VP of Education currently has over 200 whilst the other regarding VP of Community has over 75.

At BU’s full-time officer elections two weeks ago, only two out of three positions could be appointed due to alleged cheating.

Three candidates were disqualified for breaking campaigning rules.

The Elections Committee disqualified the candidates and the appointment was delayed for all except two positions which were President and Vice-President of Activities.

Following appeals, the Executive Committee deemed the decisions too harsh and the appeals were upheld.

The final positions were awarded to:

  • SUBU President – Daniel Asaya
  • Vice President Activities – Brooke Elias
  • Vice President Community – Said Diguer
  • Vice President Education – Joseph Ajiboye
  • Vice President Welfare – Charlie Souter-Phillips

A report with the full details is due to be published next week.

Click here for the ‘VP Community – Elect MOTIONS OF NO CONFIDENCE’ petition.

Click here for the ‘VP Education – Elect MOTIONS OF NO CONFIDENCE’ petition.