SUBU Elections: Department Reps


In the upcoming elections, Department Reps will be on the ballot.

Department Reps, according to SUBU “represent students at the department level. They meet once a month to discuss issues relating to Student Voice and work hard to bring them directly to the University.”

In this article, you will find the candidates for Department Reps.

See the candidates for Executive Committee here.

See the candidates for Liberation Campaign here.

Department Rep (Design & Engineering)

Zainab Mohammed

See Zainab’s manifesto here.

Department Reps (Accounting, Finance and Economics)

Georgia Hill

See Georgia’s manifesto here.

Department Reps (Computing and Informatics)

Elysia Jones

See Elysia’s manifesto here.

Department Reps (Creative Technology)

Henry Turner Ward

See Henry’s manifesto here.

Jack Burton

Jack did not hand in a manifesto.

Department Reps (National Centre for Computer Animation)

Diana Pelino

See Diana’s manifesto here.

Department Reps (Psychology)

Abigail Hartland

See Abigail’s manifesto here.

Kara Liblick

See Kara’s manifesto here.

Department Reps (Social Sciences and Social Work)

Kelly Lovelock

See Kelly’s manifesto here.