SUBU Elections: candidates for the Executive Committee…


This week is election week.

Around the poster-covered campuses, you might, at any moment, be swarmed by bright-eyed committee hopefuls, clamouring for your precious vote.

That can be rather annoying, but the part-time officer elections are, regardless, an essential part of SUBU’s democracy.

Executive Committee Officers, for instance, play a vital part in the leadership and development of the Student Union. They attend Executive Committee meetings, where they approve budgets for our societies, deliver campaigns and policies, and make sure that the student voice is heard by full-time officers.

Which is why Nerve News wants to help make these elections a bit more tolerable.

Below you can find the candidates for Executive Committee Officer and a summary of their manifestos.

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Alexandra Cazacu

Alexandra says that everyone is capable of more than they can believe and wants to help students reach their full potential. On top of supporting students, she also wants to “Learn more! Do more! Be More!”

Read Alexandra’s full manifesto here.

Amaan Yasin

“All students’ needs are important, but I personally speak for the introverts, people who do not want to party,” says Amaan Yasin. Amaan wants to help those who feel excluded and those who struggle to find a group to belong to.

Read Amaan’s full manifesto here.

Ann-Marie Kankam

Ann Marie wants to ensure that SUBU maintains a set of standards which meet the needs of all students. She also aims to hold the full-time officers accountable to “fulfilling their roles efficiently and effectively.”

Read Ann-Marie’s full manifesto here.

Georgia Hill

Georgia is a second-year Accounting and Finance student who aims to ensure that “your voice is heard.” She guarantees that she will work hard at improving the union and values the rights of students.

Read Georgia’s full manifesto here.

Jack Burton

Jack did not hand in a manifesto, but, according to his Facebook profile, he studies Game Software Engineering.

Jodi Nwasike

Jodi is passionate for making the student experience at Bournemouth University the best it can be and promises to do so if elected as an Executive Committee Officer.

Read Jodi’s full manifesto here.

Mohamed Elfadil

Mohamed believes that students are “the soul foundation of this university,” and wants to make sure that every student is heard. He says that he has been praised for his ability to take charge and in his manifesto, he quotes Barack Obama.

Read Mohamed’s full manifesto here.

Naomie Lebe

“Our Students’ Union needs representatives who will uphold trust, transparency and loyalty for all students at Bournemouth University,” says Naomie. She aims to represent the needs of every single student.

Read Naomie’s full manifesto here.

Noku Sunduza

Noku wants to be a champion for all BME and LGBT representative students by ensuring safe spaces in Bournemouth University. She believes that Uni should not only be educational but a life experience as well.

Ntobeko Sengwayo

Ntobeko wants to make a mark on Bournemouth University before she graduates. She aims to use her final year to be a voice for students and be a force for change.

Read Ntobeko’s full manifesto here.

Whitney Idowu

Whitney will, if elected, “champion the needs and rights of every student, regardless of race, sex or gender.” She believes that representative should value trust, transparency and loyalty to all BU students.

Read Whitney’s full manifesto here.

Rowan Bratchell

As a liberation officer last year, Rowan felt frustrated by the Executive Committee’s failure to “enact real change for students.” This year, Rowan wants to use his experience to support and represent students across both campuses.

Read Rowan’s full manifesto here.

Sarah Chelsea Lawrence

Sarah studies Psychology with Counselling and wants to make uni life easier by making sure that students receive the support they need to cope with everything from excessive workload to personal issues.

Read Sarah’s full manifesto here.

Calvin McKenzie

“My experience of working with university students at Brainstreet where I presented our schemes to management taught me communication, organisation and time management skills,” says Calvin in his manifesto.

Read Calvin’s full manifesto here.

Candidates who have withdrawn their candidacy:

Maryam Adekoya