Storm hits England


Storm Angus provokes damages and floods in England concerning the population

According to the Met Office, Angus is the first storm of Autumn 2016 starting this weekend in the south-west of England.

The severe wind and heavy rain have caused a trail of destruction all over England.

Seawall damaged in Swanage

Seawall damaged in Swanage

In Swanage, the seawall was damaged and the high-streets flooded on Saturday night.

Dorset Police and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service have told the community to stay away from the damaged areas.

Two days ago, a cargo ship lost its engine power after hitting a barge full of rocks due to the high winds of the storm.

A helicopter rescued eleven of the twenty-three members of the crew.

The other twelve members, who remained on board, were working alongside the Coastguard to remove the ship from the water.

Andy Roberts, an RNLI volunteer said that there was not “a sign of pollution” in the surrounding waters after the ship was taken out of the water.

StormThousands of homes have also been left without power, not only in the South West but in the North East of the country.

Although the storm has moved further North, the heavy rain will continue to spread in the south west and Wales.

A weather warning for the wind was also issued for Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.