Is Snapchat the new go-to messaging app?

Snapchat-large (1)

Snapchat has released an update that has brought the chat section of the app to a new level – with various additions setting it’s path to be ‘the best way to communicate – second only to hanging out face-to-face’.

Snapchat users can now look forward to additions that include video and audio calling, stickers, drawings and audio messages whilst they chat to their friends.

The new platform design allows users to interchange between the different methods of communicating easily within the same chat.

This new update may put the app in the running as the most popular messaging app, in place of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

Although the two apps already have very similar features such as stickers, voice messaging and sending photos, Snapchat allows you to use these features in a much easier setting.

These changes are available on both iOS and Android.