Picture Gallery: Anti-Trump Protest in Bournemouth Square

Hundreds gathered to protest President Trump’s divisive policies in Bournemouth Square last night for #1DayWithoutUs.

This day celebrates the contributions of immigrants to the UK on the day Parliament debated his state visit. This is following two separate petitions, one of which reached 1.85million signatures.

On Monday night there were heated debates between a passerby, who supports Trump as a Christian herself, and various members of the crowd.

She called the President “wonderful” and “better than cake” because “he will stop the tide of Islam”. Overall, it was a peaceful night in Bournemouth Square where they chanted and displayed signs with slogans varying from criticism of his small hands to his inappropriate comments regarding women.

In Parliament, MPs compared him to a “child” in the debates and he was labelled as “sexist and racist”. There was also a brief mention of ” scientific ignorance” to climate change. Nonetheless, it was made clear the offer extended to Trump will not be retracted.

Warning: Some viewers may be offended by the following images.

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Photographer: Megan Bennett