Opinion: Take control and vote


At 5 pm on the 22nd of October, the polls close for the part-time officers’ elections.

These elections are for various positions within SUBU, such as Executive Committee Officers, Liberation Officers, and Department Deps. Between them, they can affect (amongst other things): SUBU by-laws, curriculums, budgeting, and protection against discrimination.

Now, with potentially life-changing events, like Brexit or the Climate Crisis, looming over our heads; you may not have even given our SUBU elections a second – or even a first – thought. However, electing part-time officers does pertain relevance to us: it’s vital for a variety of reasons.

We have an opportunity to choose who represents us on campus. We`ve been given a chance to use our voice, to vote for candidates who we believe represent our values, our curricular needs; or elect people who champion diversity and equality to the fullest extent. We can have our voices heard; it’s up to us to take this chance and make it count.

Further, at a time where we watch Brexit coverage, or the Climate Crisis coverage unfold. You may feel powerless like you´re not in control of events directly affecting your livelihood; I know sometimes I do. Therefore, these elections are important because they can give us back some semblance of control over the procedures which affect us.
So please, I implore you, use your voice; and let’s take back some control – time to vote!