Mixing energy drinks and alcohol: More dangerous than we think

Students at Halo, Bournemouth

Recent studies show that mixing alcohol and energy drinks can lead to people being “wide awake drunk”, which can lead to injuries and falls.

Imagine a Monster can. No doubt that you give a second thought about drinking it. I mean, it is just an energy drink, it won’t harm you, right?

A 500ml can alone contains 16omg, add a dash of vodka and it may seem harmless, but energy drinks have been shown to make you underestimate how intoxicated you really are.

There is more focus being drawn towards the dangers of mixing of alcohol and energy drinks. Most bars and clubs offer the combination – so it can’t be all that bad, can it?

The high levels of caffeine within drinks causes tense and uncomfortable feelings, problems sleeping, and even heart palpitations. With the amount of sugar in caffeine drinks too, it can lead to anxiety and dehydration.


A typical jagerbomb is served at many clubs and bars

Is it worth it?

The risk of injury has been proven to increase more with each drink. It is much more dangerous than drinking alcohol on its own, so it definitely doesn’t make it any less intoxicating to mix the alcohol with the caffeine-filled drinks.

Due to alcohol usually making people feel tired enough to go home after a good few hours, it encourages people to stay out for longer. This is only likely to lead to the consumption of more drinks to make you “wide awake drunk”.

You may feel a sense of security, but the caffeine only covers up the level of drunkenness you are at. It twists your realistic perception of how much you have had to drink.

As this new research has been publicised, it may be expected that in the future it will be harder for you to buy them.