Where is the love? People are fighting against terrorism

Music video photo

A group of music students from the University of Westminster, London, have been working on a music video that is set to represent the reality of terrorism that exists in the world.

Westminster Sky Super Group, run by Project Director Dannie Couzins, has targeted acts of terrorism in a bid to fight back against the known violence that hit our cities and areas far too often.

Peace? Do you remember what that feels like?

Capturing the music video trailer

Capturing the music video trailer

Well, these students want peace back. They are standing as a united group to fight back against terrorism through their artistic skills and abilities to make music, and what better way to do this than to get people’s ears listening?

They have used music to express their opinions through a project called ‘Where is the love?’.

The aim of the music piece enables people to have a voice, which they may not have been able to do with purely just words.

The group have decided to use their creativity to go towards a brilliant cause. Their confidence to face this terrorism problem head on is one I have never seen before. And no, they haven’t just targeted England alone. Their plan is to reach out to all countries!

The song they’ve created contains a message behind it, which not only is hoping to provoke many emotions and feelings, but to also create a piece of art that will stick in people’s minds for a long time.

Rather than ignoring the reality that terrorism is very much alive, music is being used at its full advantage at University of Westminster.

The passion that you can see through their telling eyes only confirms the realisation that people are no longer running away from the problem.

Behind the scenes of 'Where is the Love?' project

Behind the scenes of ‘Where is the Love?’ project

Maybe, just maybe, this can help to make a change to our world.

Although some countries may not be paid much attention within the media during acts of terrorism, these music students are doing their very best to serve the entire global nation.

With high hopes, the group plan to give recognition to a variety of countries to encourage people to realise that terrorism happens everywhere.

Each person involved in the cause represents a country each. Countries they want to reach include Spain, Scotland, Slovakia, Finland, and many, many more.

Perhaps they could have included more people to represent even more countries, thus making it relatable to all, but they’ve definitely done a good job at trying.

Personally, I believe that these students are bold, brave and willing to attempt to make a change by facing up to a national issue that many people tend to ignore.

By using a well-known song by Black Eyed Peas, they explore the idea that ‘love’ is lost amongst the killings and among the attacks made by terrorists.

Being students, the music piece is a unique way to show their recognition of terrorism through their talents, and to deliver a delicate topic through voices and instruments. Here’s to peace and serenity once and for all!