It’s here! John Lewis’ 2016 Christmas ad


John Lewis have released their widely anticipated Christmas advert for this year, the annual tradition seen by many as the start of the Christmas season.

The star of the advert is a Boxer dog called Buster (real name Biff from Bedfordshire), who is watching enviously as local wildlife jump around on the trampoline that was put up by his daughter’s Christmas present.

A badger, some foxes and even a squirrel make use of the brand new toy on the night of Christmas Eve.

A screenshot of the animals jumping on the trampoline

A screenshot of the animals jumping on the trampoline

When Christmas morning finally arrives, Buster rushes outside, ahead of the family. He is the first to leap around on the trampoline, whilst the six-year-old daughter watches on in awe.

John Lewis spent £1 million on the advert, which was filmed in a London studio. They will also be spending £6m on prime advertisement slots.

Furthermore, a gift range will be sold, including a Buster the Boxer soft toy, and themed pyjamas.

The retailer’s infamous advertising campaigns have evidently become so popular that this year, audiences are able to use Snapchat filters, Twitter stickers and have access to behind the scenes footage.

Previous campaigns featured a lonely man on the moon (2015), a penguin searching for a partner (2014), and animated animals coming together as a family for Christmas day (2013).

A spokesperson for the department store explained that John Lewis were trying to move away from what has been dubbed as: “sadvertising.”

However, what has stayed the same in each and every campaign is the focus on giving love and coming together at Christmas.

This is something which has been picked up on by campaign ‘Stop Funding Hate’ which is calling for large companies, retailers and grocery shops to stop advertising in tabloids such as the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express to boycott the “divisive hate campaigns” of these papers.

They published a video which argues the values shown in John Lewis’ adverts counteract the articles published in tabloid newspapers which: “stir hostility” to certain groups of people.

“Stop Funding Hate” believe that it is wrong that John Lewis and other retailers such as Marks and Spencer and supermarket chain Sainsbury’s advertise in these newspapers.

However, John Lewis’ ad campaign has sparked up a very positive reaction from expectant audiences:

Bournemouth University student, Nick Jablonka, went a step further creating a spoof video of the retailer’s adverts for his a-level Media Studies project. It’s professional similarity to John Lewis’ campaigns tricked thousands into thinking that this was the genuine 2016 advert; showing a snowman in a snow globe longing for a partner for Christmas day.

To date, the video has over 1 million views on YouTube. Nick has since been offered a job by PR agency W Communications, who have created a “bespoke role” for him. He can take the job now or when he finishes university.

The director, Sophie Raine, said:

Advertising agencies are paid billions by brands to try and replicate exactly what Nick, aged 17, has managed to do with his fake John Lewis ad.

From seeing this, BU students can strive to achieve what Nick has achieved so early on in his media career.

You can watch the real John Lewis advert below: