Don’t wanna be an environmental idiot


Last Friday, SUBU was host to an epic performance from Green Day…

No not the band, although there were certainly rumours of pranking the entire student union with a pop-up


Instead, the ground floor of the SUBU Building on Talbot Campus was flooded with stalls

encouraging students to think and act more sustainably- ‘go green’ was the mantra of the


The event, which ran from 10am until 2pm, gave the opportunity to get involved with the

SUBU/BU Sustainability teams, join green clubs and societies, and speak to organisations who

were all looking for help and student involvement.

BU and SUBU Sustainability were there as well as Extinction Rebellion Bournemouth,

Christchurch & Poole, the Reduceatarian Society and the Wildlife Conservation Society BU as

well as the newly introduced Comfort and Care Campaign.

Local companies preaching the sustainable lifestyle were there alongside the societies; BCP

Council Waste aware, SOS Save Our Shores, Wessex Water, Eat Grub, The Food E-Box, CanO

Water, Friends of the Earth, SUEZ UK and Almond&co Bournemouth all filled the first floor

with their environmentally-friendly ethos’.

Dawn Burridge is the Volunteering and Sustainability Coordinator for SUBU, she said: “I’d

rather lots of us do it imperfectly than a few of us do it perfectly.

“I think we’ll get more of a change that way, so I’m not a radical vegan, I’m not completely

militant in recycling everything; if everybody actually did their small part it could make a huge


She went on to explain the kinds of environmental challenges students face everyday and

how to avoid the damages they might bring; “Most wet wipes are 85% plastic so when they

do break down after hundreds of years they contaminate all the soil.

“Even the ones that are marked flushable definitely aren’t, and especially as students you

don’t want to be paying the high price when your drain gets blocked, let alone paying the

environmental price years down the line.”

Organisers of the event left the day with one final message: Planet Earth is in danger… but

YOU can make a difference before it’s too late!

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