Government plans to ‘fast track’ degree courses


The department of education has announced plans today to offer shorter degree courses to students at an inflated price of 13,000 a year.

The courses will offer education without long Summer and Easter breaks and a more condensed timetable said to offer a greater degree of ‘flexibility’ to students who may want to save on living costs and time.

It is likely to be a popular option with mature students or those wanting to complete a degree in a hurry but maybe not for your average student.

Stressed students may gasp at the mere suggestion that you can skip a whole year of your course and the NUS argues that the intense fast track means you lose out on the ‘student experience’ and the various extra- curricular activities that Student unions offer. You can forget about being the club president of the archaeology society or playing for a sports team, studying is very much full time.

Although the tuition fees have been adjusted to add up to the same amount as a three-year course, students can save on a whole year of living costs and get into work earlier.Studying

Universities Minister Jo Johnson argued that the degrees would be the same standard, the same quality, but in a compressed period of time and that involves an increase in resources, which needs to be recognised in the fee structure. This change would make annual fees higher than many American universities.

Accelerated degrees are already offered on some select courses but they have been limited because of the maximum cap on tuition fees imposed by the government. This new bill offers a way around this.

Among the new proposals which are due to be introduced in 2020, there are plans to make it easier for students to switch universities and courses by transferring credits. Good news for students who may have had second thoughts about their degree.

Maybe these are the degrees of the future.