Go Green or Go Home

Go Green or Go Home pic

This year, Bournemouth University is celebrating its 6th year of involvement with Go Green Week. Show that you care about the environment by taking part in SUBU’s Go Green Week, starting 15th March!

Many universities all over the country participate in Go Green Week, inspired by People and Planet who are the UK’s largest student campaigning organisation taking action against world poverty, human rights and environmental issues.

The aim of this event is to educate students about environmental issues, such as water pollution & waste disposal and help them to find ways to live more sustainably.

It will be a jam-packed week from the 15th-20th March, full of opportunities for passionate people to help the community, protect the environment and make a difference.

So far, SUBU has confirmed the following events:

Sunday 15th March:

Beach Champions Beach Clean: An event committed to keeping our beach clean, handled by both SUBU and the BU Conservation Society.

Tuesday 17th March:

Reducetarian Society Vegan Fair: An event created to educate people on the perks of a plant-based diet, including hot food, desserts, clothing, health and beauty products.

Wednesday 18th March:

SUBU/BU/ResLife Sustainability Challenge Grand Final: The Sustainability Challenge Teams present their finalised plans on making BU more sustainable.

Thursday 19th March:

BU Spring Recruitment Fair: An event encompassing many types of job opportunities, whereby students can meet employers from an array of organisations

Friday 20th March:

How Bad are Bananas? Discover how threatening bananas are for the planet by participating in the Carbon Footprint game.

SUBU/BU Waste Audit: Rummage through the bins on campus to investigate what students and staff dispose of and how appropriately they recycle.

You don’t have to be Superman to save the planet, and remember, Go Green or Go Home!

If you would like to get involved and also win prizes, check out: https://www.subu.org.uk/involved/community/sustainability/nationalgogreenweek/