First Snowfall of 2017

Snow Image

Britain is braced for an icy winter as a ‘cold snap of snow’ will lead to widespread snowfall

As the blast of freezing weather and snow hits Britain, disruptions are increased.

Up to six inches of snow is expected across the hills of Scotland as experts warn: ‘a dusting is also likely at lower levels’

The Army has been bought in to help prepare thousands of vulnerable people for the snow and flooding where a ‘tidal surge’ is expected.

Flights were pre-emptively cancelled at Heathrow and Gatwick on Thursday.

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Communities in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex have been warned by the Environment Agency that they are most at risk from the expected tidal surge, thought to peak on Friday with severe flooding anticipated.

In Lincolnshire, roughly 100 soldiers are helping to prepare for the flooding with more than 3,000 residents of the coast being advised to vacate their homes or move upstairs.

Essex County Council said that their main concern was the tide at 13:00 GMT on Friday.

Government forecasts said there are concerns heavier bursts of snow could reach lower levels of Britain.

A two inch blanket of white snowflakes ground parts of Britain to a halt at the weekend admit forecasts of more to come.

Lows close to -10 degrees are forecast overnight in Scotland whilst the rest of the region plummets to -5 degrees.

The Met Office said that a band of rain has now turned to snow for many in the south east – including people living in London – this evening.

It said: “Snow showers will affect Northern Ireland and western parts of England and Wales this evening and overnight, with widespread ice.”

Spokesperson Nicola Maxey said: ‘it will remain generally unsettled during the middle and second half of the week’