Cyber-Hackers target Deliveroo stealing hundreds of pounds worth of food


Deliveroo is riding against the clock to crack down on cyber-hackers as dozens of customer’s complain their accounts have been hacked, with some even empty pocketed.

Thanks to the simplicity of apps such as Uber and Deliveroo, in just a few clicks an appetising meal is bought straight to your door. The company started in 2013 to provide a home delivery service for popular restaurants such as Wagamama and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Since then, almost every restaurant has hopped on the band wagon, flourishing from it’s success. According to the Telegraph, the service is due to hit revenues of £130m this year making it one of the UK’s most-promising technologies.

Customer’s of the delivery food service have received reported order’s, totalling to hundreds of pounds being made to their credit or debit cards. The fraudulent order’s have been addressed to locations across the country their not registered too.

There have been numerous reported cases over the past few days. Michael Wootten, a 25 year old student from Bournemouth, said that someone had ordered food to Manchester University Campus and Deliveroo failed to notify him.


Mary and Michael, who are student’s at Southampton University also fell victims of the fraud. Their shared account lost a total of £440 in one evening. The scammers made various delivery orders up to 120 miles from their address.

In a statement they said: “At 2:30am one morning we got a stream of emails saying that we had made various Deliveroo orders,” said Mary. “It’s been awful, they took nearly everything and then I’ve had to pretty much beg, borrow and steal off fellow flatmates, friends and parents.”

A spokesman for Deliveroo stated that the company was completely aware of the issue. They stressed that no credit card details had been stolen and the situation was extremely ‘rare’.

“These issues occur when criminals use a password stolen from another service unrelated to our company in a major data breach,” the company said. Deliveroo believes that fraudsters accessed account details through data stolen in previous hacking scandals online.

However, possible explanation’s surround the lack of sufficient security services provided by Deliveroo. In order to make it more secure, they could have checked the addresses on the order. Had it been suspiciously far away from the billing address of the registered account, notifying the customer would have prevented further fraudulent orders.

There have been numerous occurrences in which the company has received negative critic. Allegations in the past surround the welfare of it’s cyclists who were battling against the clock and causing a danger to the road. There have also been instances where rider’s have taken to the street’s in a protest over dramatic pay conditions.

Deliveroo advise’s customers to safeguard their security by choosing a password that is strong and unique. They are also working alongside customers to reimburse them for fraudulent transactions.

On rare occurrences, cybercriminals can go as far as to gain full access to all of your online accounts. This guide to help you protect your online identity should help you out.  Alternatively, join the discussion on twitter: #deliveroo.