Ched Evans calls for education on sexual consent and alcohol


Footballer Ched Evans advocates sexual consent and alcohol education after being cleared of former rape charges.

Evans was previously found guilty of rape back in 2012, but the conviction was suppressed in April due to evidence found relating to the complainant’s sexual history, which was able to be used in a retrial.

The case was put forward to the court of appeal after a 10-month investigation by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, who found that the new information was not raised in the original trial.

Ched Evans

Ched Evans

Evans was found not-guilty of rape on Friday (14th October.)

When called in for police questioning back in 2011 after the allegations, Evans told police: “We could have had any girl we wanted … We’re footballers.”

Evans has since expressed particular concern for young fellow footballers who may hold this same attitude towards women and sex, stating: “You get your gambling and drinking training but nothing else on top of that. In this day and age people need educating on alcohol and consent.”

It is evident that issues surrounding sexual consent involved with alcohol consumption are ones that are common within youth, lad and university culture.

Understanding the implications drinking can have on an individual’s ability to consent to sex and to stay safe when doing so, are of high importance.

Evans’ cries for education are something that it seems are much needed in today’s society, due to a large ‘grey area’ within the subject.

It is important to note that it is not only rape which is an issue, but sexual harassment, particularly on nights out – this includes groping and grabbing.

According to, almost a third of young women have received unwanted physical attention and touching on a night out. Whereas 10% of men have also said they’ve had to deal with inappropriate attention and touching.

University engages students with an array of new responsibilities, and looking after yourself, friends and respecting others are some of them, and possibly the most crucial to ensure everyone stays safe and has the best university experience possible.

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