Britain’s youngest Euromillions winner claims lottery ticket minimum age should be higher.

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Back in 2013, Jane Parks won one million on the Euro millions at just 17 years old, making her Britain’s youngest ever Euro millions winner. However, just four years on she claims that the win has ‘ruined her life’.

Before Jane bought her ticket, the young winner was working as an admin temp earning £8 an hour and living in a council flat with her mum.

Parks spoke about her feelings after she discovered she won, explaining “I thought it would make my life ten times better, but it’s made it ten times worse. Most days I wish I had no money.”

Parks claims that the large sum of money has effected many areas of her life, including friendships and boyfriends. Going onto discuss how she split with her boyfriend back in 2015 after believing he was just after the money.

Images of Jane ParksIn an interview on This Morning, she claims that despite her struggles she doesn’t regret buying it as it has brought her “many opportunities”.

However, Parks has spoken out about how she misses living a normal life, much preferring holidays in Benidorm rather than in exclusive resorts and high street fashion to designer brands.

Parks believes that her unhappiness stems from the young age she won the lottery, pushing the fact that 16 is far too young for someone to win such a large sum of money, and she’s not the only one to share this view.

An online poll showed that 75% of voters thought that 25 should be the minimum age to buy any lottery ticket.

The UK has one of the youngest minimum age restrictions on lottery tickets, with many U.S citizens having to be 18 and over to play, and certain states such as Louisiana and Nebraska are 21 and over.

However, many argue that the lottery minimum age reflects other young age restrictions across the country, such as the minimum age to join the army.

With UK residents able to join the army at 16, it has sparked the debate that if the lottery age is raised, then other age restrictions also be taken into account.

With one online user stating: “If you are old enough to join the military then you are old enough for adult privileges.”

Despite there being no sign of change for lottery minimum buying age anytime soon, Jane’s story may be just the beginning for bringing awareness to the burden such responsibility can cause for young lottery winners.