Black Friday sales set to top £5.8 billion


The annual Black Friday sales are upon us, but there’s no need to rush to the shops.

An inherited tradition from our American cousins, Black Friday first crashed into the UK in 2014 and is typically celebrated as the first day after Thanksgiving in the US.

In 2014, riots broke out in shops across the country with consumers fighting over discounted televisions and police being called to local ASDA stores.

This year however, the shopping scene was much quieter. The majority of the shopping is taking place online with customers choosing to avoid the pre-Christmas crowds.

Sales this year are said to top 2 billion, with £5.8 billion forecast to be spent over the whole weekend including Cyber Monday.

Shoppers are being warned to be cautious when making Black Friday purchases as last year ‘Which?‘ calculated that half of all items were cheaper in the run-up to and after Black Friday.


Many retailers now have exclusive discounts online that span much further than the 25th itself. Over half of all items bought over the Black Friday period are predicted to be online.

Monday the 28th this year has been dubbed ‘Cyber Monday’ where the most e-commerce sales will take place.

Things, however, have not been so calm over in the States. In New Jersey two people were shot in a car park of department store Macy’s in the early hours of this morning. One of the victims has been pronounced dead.

Another man was also shot in Nevada, following a fight over a parking space just minutes after shop doors were opened.