BH2 stands bold in Bournemouth Square


Bournemouth Square is part-way through a makeover as BH2 leisure complex stands bold.

The £50 million development stands opposite Halo nightclub and will be the new home to Odeon’s 10 screen cinema and many popular restaurants. Named after its postcode, the project began over two years ago and is expected to be complete by March 2017, after missing its 2016 Summer deadline.

The development is expected to attract many visitors with its food choices which include Italian restaurants Bella Italia and Prezzo.

BH2 is still under construction

BH2 is still under construction but is due for completion next March

When asked about how the new development, Claire from Miss Selfridge said: ‘It will bring a lot of families to town’.

Claire also stated that going to the cinema is: “really expensive” and explained that it would be better if BH2 had other activities such as bowling as there are few places to take children when there is nothing on in the cinema.

Mary Kerman, Customer Service Manager at the Hilton, expressed her concerns about the view from the hotel being disrupted. She also identifies that the increase in visitors to the vicinity could lead to more customers staying at the Hilton.

Kerman suggests that the Hilton will have: “more appeal” than other hotels because of it’s location, so even with increased competition, the business will not suffer.

Locals in Bournemouth have expressed their interest in the new building. Ceilia Colenan, a Jehovah Witness activist, identified the building as one that will create many jobs.

This isn’t the first establishment that has been developed in Bournemouth. Simon, a local, said: “It (Bournemouth) has lost it’s identity over the years”, explaining that the area has seen many business developments which has changed the geography of the land.