Beware of the scare…..your guide for halloween fun!


Are you ready for Halloween?

We’ve got you just the right number of events to help you get into that spook-tacular mood.

With Halloween just around the corner, there is a lot to plan besides deciding on your spooky costume or make-up.

Throughout this frightening week, different parties and balls will be held all around Bournemouth so that you can fully feel the thrill of this wonderfully frightening Celebration of the Dead.

The first to start will be “The Halloween Ball” taking place today at the Old Fire Station, starting from 22:00 pm with tickets starting from £3. Included with the ticket will also be a £50 prize for the best fancy dress, free pizza and good, eerie music.

Next, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the UK’s biggest alternative club brand, District are looking to go bigger and better this year by hosting a wicked party by doubling the prize’s sum, £100 for the best dressed person. Accompanied by a starting playlist and chilling cocktails, it is impossible for you to not have one of the greatest nights of your life.

As for the dreadful night of the 31st, the “Secret Cinema Society” will kick it off with a vintage-like party where back to back horror movies will be shown in their sixteen-seated basement located cinema with a host offering potions, treats and tricks.

Then, if you feel courageous enough you can attend a haunted house at Bomo Bunker. It will start at 9pm and have a lot of vampires, clowns and zombies to surround you, a £20 cash reward for best costumed and free entry to their next two events.

Lastly, for any IT lovers, Walkabout will be taken over by all that is dark and evil. Possessed performers will enlighten you into a terrifying underworld where you can meet and greet Pennywise. More than 800 people and a hidden George will be lurking through the crowds just waiting for you to spot him.