At least four dead in suspected ‘Terrorist Attack’ in London


At around 2:40pm this afternoon an incident, being treated as a ‘terrorist attack’, took place in Westminster, leaving four people confirmed dead.

An attacker drove a car into the path of several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, one woman and a police officer have been confirmed dead, while others are suspected to have suffered “catastrophic injuries.

The car then continued and crashed into the railings of the palace of Westminster. A police officer was then stabbed by the man inside the gates before being shot dead by police.

London is on continued ‘lockdown’, with members of Parliament being kept in the chamber for their safety, although the Prime Minister has been taken to Number 10 Downing Street.

Debates in the House of Commons, including those on the Scottish Referendum, were halted, as the area was deemed unsafe and many people remain stuck in places, like the London Eye, whilst the situation unfolds.

Witness Richard Tyse has said that he saw at least 8-10 pedestrians lying on the bridge, although it is unclear how many people are involved in the incident.

Some of the victims of the attack have been confirmed to have been a group of French schoolgirls.

People are being warned by the Metropolitan Police to avoid circulating images online taken by onlookers of the attack and instead to send them to the police to assist with the investigation.

Members of the public have also been told to avoid certain areas on London to allow emergency services to act.

Commander BJ Harrington of the Metropolitan Police said that there is a full counter-terrorism investigation already underway.

He also said:

There have been a number of people with injuries including police officers but cannot confirm numbers or names at the moment.

Tobias Ellwood, the Foreign Minister and a Parliamentary member from Bournemouth East, has been hailed as a hero of the event after providing medical assistant to the stabbed police officer.

The former soldier performed first aid until the ambulance service arrived. He tried to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and prevent bleeding from multiple wounds. The police officer has since died from his injuries.

A woman has also been pulled alive from the river below the bridge, but has suffered severe injuries.

The full extent of the attack is likely to become clear at a later date. Nerve News will bring you more updates later tonight.